Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger 2013

Instant messaging application that keeps surprising us with new features


aMSN 0.98.9

Have you had enough of old traditional IM clients? Want to go a little further in your communications on the Internet? Then you must certainly download…

Y! Multi Messenger

Y! Multi Messenger Beta

With the standard configuration, Yahoo! Messenger! only allows you to run one instance of the program, but Y! Multi Messenger allows you to open multiple…


Pidgin 2.10.7

Finding the right IM client can be a difficult task. Many factors must be taken into consideration before making a decision, but one of the most influential…



The best about Skype is the variety of options it provides. This means that you will be able to use the software as an instant messaging client to send…


Whatsapp 2.11.109

Whatsapp is currently one of the most popular applications for smartphones. This tool is an excellent alternative to traditional text messaging, because…

123 Flash Chat Server

123 Flash Chat Server 9.9

You have a fairly comprehensive website which already fans and you would like to submit a chat window so that all users can discuss them more easily.…

Active WebCam

Active WebCam 11.4

Webcam recording software comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed with a specific purpose in mind, and others are developed as multi-purpose…

MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger Windows Live Messenger

Instant messaging allows you to chat with live contacts, Microsoft offers its version 7 Messenger, MSN Messenger called.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger 11.0

Full-featured instant messaging client for Yahoo! Mail users