Ares Mod

Ares Mod 2.6.1

Ares Mod is a new alternative to the legendary P2P program. All the power and popularity of Ares with super speed and capacity for unlimited file transfer.…

Ares Plus

Ares Plus 2.7.3

Ares Plus is more Ares. Everything you ever wanted to transfer files through P2P protocol, and much more. Download Ares Plus and power up your downloads.

Arrange Your Desktop

Arrange Your Desktop 2.1.1

Arrange your Desktop is the solution you've been waiting to save time and organize your desktop without any worry. Download this application and put everything…

Desktop Modify

Desktop Modify 1.2.2

DesktopModify is the answer for your concerns about customizing your Desktop. Download this cool app and have in your hands the possibility to change…

aTunes Pro

aTunes Pro 2.1.3

aTunes Pro is a remarkable application that lets you play multimedia files on your computer as well as copy them to any Apple device.


Eazel 3.05

Eazel is one of the lightest file compressors on the market, but is also one of the most powerful: it is a tool to manage any type of compressed file…

eMule Plus

eMule Plus 2.01SE

If you were looking for a utility that makes possible to download any kind of file to your PC, you've come to the right one: eMule Plus.


Eurotraductor 2.05

Eurotraductor, as its name suggests, it is a desktop translation tool with which it is possible to know the meaning of every word and phrase in over 30…


RegCross 1.5.05

RegCross is a tool to transform your computer into a Formula 1: it is a program that manages your Windows registry so that your PC is lighter and gets…


Telegram 1.3.1047

Telegram is a new way to communicate over the Internet and using all kinds of devices. Try it now and discover a fast and secure way to connect with friends.…