Telegram for Desktop

Telegram for Desktop 0.3.1

Telegram for Desktop is a utility that lets you use in your computer the services of the most novel messaging client of the mobile market: Telegram.


BigPatience 5.02

BigPatience is a great 60-pack solitaire with which you can enhance your game skills and enjoy your free time in a better way. Download BigPatience and…


Destiny 1.0

Destiny is a great First Person Shooter. Download it and start playing awesome adventures in different worlds and game modes to become a true guardian…


Scrabble 1.1

Scrabble is the PC version of THE classic and best board game in the world. Now, you can have it in your computer and play with friends for hours and…

Magic, The Gathering Online Trial

Magic, The Gathering Online Trial 3.3.0

Magic, The Gathering is a classic card game that now has an online version with which you can play worldwide with or against lots of people. Download…

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Wallpapers

Watch Dogs is a great action game set in Chicago, where a powerful central system where everything is under control. The main character’s desire for…

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 2.0

Dragon Age II is the second chapter in this awesome saga of battles and legends, where we must help Hawke the outcast back to Kirkwall.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Wallpapers

Battlefield 4 is one of the most well-known war games in the gamer universe. Since its game play is close to free roaming, the missions are challenging…

Javascript Plus!

Javascript Plus! 7.0

Javascript Plus! Is a must-have developing tool for programming and source-code analysis and edition. It is a reliable and quite complete tool for developing…

Visual SQL-Designer

Visual SQL-Designer 4.01

Visual SQL-Designer is comprehensive software to design and perform queries over SQL databases in a dynamic way. You don’t need advanced SQL knowledge…